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ChaserCon 2016 – Friday -Day 1

0230 – alarm sounds

0300 – depart home; gas up car

0340 – arrive at offsite ParkWhiz Nguyen for Chicago Midway

0410 – arrive at airport via parking shuttle

0556 – on board flight WN2653, bound for Dallas

0611 РDe-icing treatment  

0620 -wheels up

0710 – daybreak. I snuck in a short nap.

0730 Рsunrise reflected the off whitecaps 

0820 – arrive in Dallas

0850 – waiting on my flight to OKC. I would grab a Whataburger, but the airport price is $7. Too much for a burger!

1030 –

1200 – met by Lynda Whitfield and Cori Krehm, my regular ChaserCon homegirls. We headed to the Twistex Memorial

Later – …

Day 2: 10May2015: ‘Round Okietown

0800 – Breakfast

1000 – Errands
_____  — Home Depot: a long quest for a SEEK infrared camera for Phil (they aren’t sole yet in the UK)
_____ — WalMart: searched in vain for a Bruce Springsteen album for Kathy.  Fellow traveler Eric Meola photographed the cover art for the “Born to Run” album.  The WalMart music section was so disorganized that five of us could not find a single Springsteen album.  Bad WalMart, naught WalMart!

_____ – Continued on to Penn Square Mall to visit the Apple store (and search for another music store). Phil spent a bit of time looking or the new Apple Watch.  We discussed lunch at Whiskey Cafe, but the wait was almost two hours (as this is Mother’s Day).

_____ — Venture northwest (on Northwest Expressway) to F.Y.E., a real music store.  Plenty of Springsteen, but we cannot find “Born to Run”. *SIGH*

_____ — we head south to Reno and MacArthur, ending up at Lin’s Restaurant for all-you-can-eat steak, sushi, and Chinese food. Stuffed, we return to the hotel, to allow safe storage of our purchases. We take a short break to allow all to regroup.

13:30 — We head up to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (just off the Kelley exit from I-44).  Many great exhibits, a lot of walking, and a visit to the souvenir shop.

16:45 — We hed back to the hotel, then regroup later for dinner.

19:00– Walk to dinner at Frosty Mug (a bar and grill a few doors down from the hotel).  We aree later joined by David Balfour, who arrived s bit earlier in the afternoon.  The British/Aussie/Kiwi contingent is complete!

22:30 — Wrap up the day by frafting the day’s blog entry.

Virtual Chase – 08 May 2015 – Southwest Oklahoma

11:21: It’s only a few days until I chase in the physical realm, but the conditions are amazing today (and better tomorrow).

Based on a preliminary look at the SPC outlook, I’m focusing on my target area of a 25 mile radius around Altus, Oklahoma (the orange dot located in southwestern Oklahoma.


I’ll update this as the day rolls on. If I were there in the flesh, I’d likely be starting my day from someplace in southwestern Kansas (like Liberal, KS) rolling down US83 south to Altus.


Here’s a look at yesterday’s action:
20150507-filtered-storm-reports(See also: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/150507_rpts.html)

1603CDT: My forecast has verified! check these radar shots (composite reflectivity):
Near Childress: TOR warning on storm rotation (not observed yet):

20150508-1600a-grlevel3Over Altus: BULLSEYE!20150508-1600b-grlevel3Strategy: watch the both storms. Stay with the Altus storm. Let the southern storm move toward me.

1630: Sheriff-nado at 16:23! (But plenty of chasers (Jim LaDue, Tony Mesias, David Drummond, others) are sitting on this storm attentively. (Local emergency management has another sighting at Oklaunion around 17:21.)

20150508-1630a-grlevel31640: TOR warnings dropped on the southern storm. Wait a bit longer, then slide east (to Anadarko, about an hour’s drive). Stay on the Altus storm.

1648: Course correction: Will go south at Lawton,OK (or north, if the Altus storm gets much stronger). Checking the tornado climatology rating on the Vernon (southern) storm: STP of 3+ !

20150508-1648-SPC-meso_torc_limo_envOk. Given that i was not watching the radar constantly, I’ve missed the better storm. Do I abandon the Altus storm or go for the larger storm (perhaps missing both)?
[Real world note: 2.75-inch fell at 16:11 in Caddo. Odds are that if I’d been there in the flesh, I’d have move east earlier instead of getting hammered by near-baseball size hail.]

17:14: The storm that was over Altus is fizzling. “Head south!”

17:38: Ok. Heading south on I-44 from Lawton to Randlett (36 minute drive), hoping to reach the Vernon storm in time.

GRlevel2 shows this to be a monster (looking from east toward the I-44 crossing of the Red River and beyond, to the west)


17:48: Pulled off at Walters, OK exit. Have to let the storm slide on by. I arrived too late!
Oh, well, tomorrow is another day. (Will circle back to Lawton for dinner, hotel, etc.)

END RESULT: A strong storm at my target, but the storm of the day is further south.



28 April 2012 – DAY 8 – Slight risk, High Tension

I am still trying to process the emotions of the day.

One person in the group has become so selfish, loud, vulgar, and arrogant that I have had waking fantasies of dragging him behind the van as we race into a hailstorm on a gravel road.

Another lost his wallet (and I feel terrible for him, especially because he is a talented and wonderful person).

I even feel a little down because my netbook is dead, one of my shoes is held together with duct tape.

And we did not see any severe storms, I feel disappointed that after tomorrow the tour is done. I fear having nothing to show for the money I spent.

Photographs of my chase log notes follow:






Travel: ??? miles