2023-05-06 – DAY 2: Springfield, Missouri To Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

07:00 – hotel Wakeup call, automated, of course

07:05 – the camera bag in roll-on bag were packed last night, so all I have to do is roll them out of the car.

07:15-07:45 – breakfast: leftover sirloin from TRH, trimmed with mushrooms and onions; packed the few odds n ends not packed last night: phone charger, Garmin watch charger, laptop.  

07:45 – prep room for departure – used towels on bathroom floor, trash gathered in wastebasket by desk; bags loaded on dolly

08:00 – Bathroom trip 

08:10 – check out after loading the van

0922 – enter OK on I-44W


09:59 – first toll : $5

1057 – tried to do screen recording of 4-cam shot, crossing the Arkansas River on I-244 in downtown Tulsa. Apple Location app keeps shutting down the recording. Will need to retry with CarPlay apps OFF. 

11:41 – second toll

[add syncup drive map] 

1300 – tried to check in at Holiday Inn Express. Too early

1310 – lunch at Golden Dragon (across the street). Way too much food. 

1500 – checked in. Room 303. Paul G is rm 204. 

1600 – clear seats in minivan, in case we do a Walmart run later 

1713 – $4 For a low carb Monster energy drink. Gotta love hotel prices. Located the surge protector (that I thought I left at home). 

1740 – wrote and emailed my intro to the team

1901 – Paul G and I met Phil & Kathy as they arrive at the hotel (after a 19-hour marathon travel session from the UK).  We decided it would be best if you and Kathy got a good nights sleep before they made a Walmart run. Paul G and I made ours then and there. I had a moment where I had “misplaced“ the shopping center, but we arrived at Walmart without any detours or travel difficulties. I simply had a moment of disorientation, thinking that the store was closer to the hotel than it actually ever was.

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