2023-05-03 – CHASE2023 – Hacking and Packing

The annual exercise of hacking (setting up all the technology) and packing (getting all the clothing, cameras, memory cards, computing, equipment, and related cables and miscellany organized) is nearly complete.

In years past, I have had everything packed and sitting in the van, nearly a week in advance. This year, however, the preparation‘s have been last minute. They set up of the camera system, for the van was much more difficult than I anticipated. It also was a lot of work extricating, the technology transferred from G3 (the 2018 Pacifica) to G4 (the 2022 Chevy Equinox).

I look forward to next year being a lot less work.

Many aspects of the logistics were completed a week ago: hotel, reservations, travel, plans, coordinating a get together in Springfield, Missouri for a friend’s birthday.

A complicating factor was that my attention was split between preparing for the trip and completing migration from my 10 year old network, attached storage systems to new equipment. The old gear has been a little temperamental, and I have been working desperately to get my files safely on the new equipment before the old equipment dies. The split of my attention and time has driven the timeline for the trip preparation up to the last few days before my actual departure. It has been very stressful. I really can’t wait until I actually start enjoying the idea of vacation. So far, all my time and energy has been spent in the preparation. Compared to previous years, this year has been a bit of a nightmare . It will be so nice to finally be on the road.

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