2022-05-10 – Emporia, KS – Vermillion, SD – Positioning Day

Travel Route

Leg 1: Emporia,, KS – Topeka,KS
Leg 2: Topeka,KD to KS-NE border
Leg 3: NE-KS border to Percival, IA
Leg 4: Percival, IA to Vermillion, SD

Events of the Day

[Additional commentary to be added later]

07:00 AM – woke; showered

08:30 AM – Morning weather briefing

09:09 AM – Tried for breakfast at Cowboy Cafe – Closed (COVID) – Re-opens 11 May. Darn!

09:15 Fuel Up – Casey’s – Breakfast is somewhere down the road

10:50 AM – ON THE ROAD heading north toward Topeka

12:01 PM – LUNCH: Cracker Barrel, Topeka, KS

2:04 PM – Cross into Nebraska

2:52 PM – Cross Missouri River. Enter Iowa. Haze to our west and a growing cumulus field to our south, along the IA-MO border.

Growing cumulus field on the IA-MO border. Seeds for storms?
We hit some bumpy roads in Sioux Falls. The star on my shirt got knocked off (LOL)
Crossing into South Dakota

5:37 PM – Continue north. Cross into South Dakota.

Here’s your sign!!
Cumulus grows to our west. Might we get a storm?
Intense storms will form far to our east, way out of our chase territory,

17:45 Crepuscular Rays (faint)  on our west

Haze to our west, with crepuscular rays weakly poking through it


7:09 PM – Arrive in Vermillion, SD

Downtown Vermillion, SD

xxxx – Dinner at Dakota Brick House, Vermilion, SD

This looks like nice place for dinner
Perusing the extensive beer menu
Food, folks, and fun (WAKE UP, LISA)

09:00 PM – Pick up a USB-A to USB-C cable (for charging my MiFi unit) at the local WalMart. Walk back to the motel, as a nice evening stroll feels good.

10:14 PM – Turn in for the night – Best Western, Vermillion, SD

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