2023-05-07 – DAY 3: In and Around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2023-05-07 – DAY 3: Around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

0630 – wake up; per the Garmin watch, the body battery is charged to the 100%. Amazing!

0700 – transcribe notes from the last two days into (very) rough blog entries. These will be much easier to complete on the laptop, but the initial drafts are very easy to paste from the Apple notes app into the WordPress app (or web interface).

Walmart runs and a Chinese buffet lunch

WalMart run 1: yesterday evening: Paul G

Walmart Run 2: with Paul, Phil, and Kathy


WalMart run 3: David


7-9pm – dinner: Chili’s – Southwest Chicken Salad and an El Nino margarita:

2023-05-06 – DAY 2: Springfield, Missouri To Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

07:00 – hotel Wakeup call, automated, of course

07:05 – the camera bag in roll-on bag were packed last night, so all I have to do is roll them out of the car.

07:15-07:45 – breakfast: leftover sirloin from TRH, trimmed with mushrooms and onions; packed the few odds n ends not packed last night: phone charger, Garmin watch charger, laptop.  

07:45 – prep room for departure – used towels on bathroom floor, trash gathered in wastebasket by desk; bags loaded on dolly

08:00 – Bathroom trip 

08:10 – check out after loading the van

0922 – enter OK on I-44W


09:59 – first toll : $5

1057 – tried to do screen recording of 4-cam shot, crossing the Arkansas River on I-244 in downtown Tulsa. Apple Location app keeps shutting down the recording. Will need to retry with CarPlay apps OFF. 

11:41 – second toll

[add syncup drive map] 

1300 – tried to check in at Holiday Inn Express. Too early

1310 – lunch at Golden Dragon (across the street). Way too much food. 

1500 – checked in. Room 303. Paul G is rm 204. 

1600 – clear seats in minivan, in case we do a Walmart run later 

1713 – $4 For a low carb Monster energy drink. Gotta love hotel prices. Located the surge protector (that I thought I left at home). 

1740 – wrote and emailed my intro to the team

1901 – Paul G and I met Phil & Kathy as they arrive at the hotel (after a 19-hour marathon travel session from the UK).  We decided it would be best if you and Kathy got a good nights sleep before they made a Walmart run. Paul G and I made ours then and there. I had a moment where I had “misplaced“ the shopping center, but we arrived at Walmart without any detours or travel difficulties. I simply had a moment of disorientation, thinking that the store was closer to the hotel than it actually ever was.