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Our group arrived at 1 a.m. at our hotel last night, so no update! We also spent the previous two nights in motels WITHOUT INTERNET and very sparse cell phone coverage.  We were beyond ‘the middle of nowhere’ (perhaps a bit left of center).

Quick summaries:

16May2016: Oklahoma City, OK – Ozona, TX

We chased in the OK and TX panhandles, catching 2 tornado warned storms. An additional storm beyond our reach produced a tornado, while our storms were undercut by cool air (and, thus, could not produce).  We did photograph some amazing structure.

image image image

More photos to come

17May2016: Plainview,TX – Ozona,TX

We chased after several promising storms, but only saw a brief, weak funnel spin up. One law enforcement-based tornado (“sheriffnado”) report was all the day yielded, nationally.  We had encounters with pea- and nickel-sized hail (and some roadway flooding) around Big Lake, TX, but that’s all.  Photos and video coming soon.

18May2016: Ozona,TX-Presidio,TX-Van Horn,TX

We headed from Ozona, TX toward Presidio, TX (only a mile from the US-Mexican border),  It took us several hours to wind our way through rugged Pinto Canyon, creating our journey around 5800 feet above sea level.

image image image image image image image

Many beautiful canyon photos will be added here once I have time and connectivity to do the job.

Several well-organized supercells persisted on the Mexican side, and when they moved into Texas they pelted us with quarter-sized (and slightly larger 1.25-inch) hail. image I will post hail photos and video as soon as I’m able.


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