20190519 – Road to Amarillo

We started this Sunday at the Northwest in in Woodward, Oklahoma. We expected the date to be a down day, so we repositioned for Monday. Monday look to be a very big day, so it is critically important that we position ourselves correctly to get the most out of the day.  After considering the forecast, thanks to do along the way, and where we like to wake up Monday morning, we headed toward Amarillo.

We refueled and re-provisioned at Shattuck, Oklahoma.  As we rounded the bend toward El Tipi fuel station and the Ventura grocery/fuel store, We all noticed a large collection of windmills. We doubled back after our fuel stop/ pit stop/grocery stop to check out the windmills.

We wrapped up the day with a visit to the Big Texan Steak Ranch (BTSR). I enjoyed a 12 ounce Fort Worth cut ribeye with all the trimmings. It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful a side of cowboy beans can taste at the end of a long day. Must embrace the simple things!

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