21 April 2012 – DAY 1 – Positioning Day (Arlington,TX-Lubbock,TX)

0700 – Check email; pack
0800 – Return rental car
1000 – Return to hotel via courtesy shuttle; breakfast
Saw Bill, Rob, and Martin talking business
1100 – Introduction and greetings. I soon acquire two new
jobs: MiFi diagnostic technician and [informal]
translater for our guests from Portugal and Spain.
I am reminded of my small Spanish vocabulary. Still,
we become fast friends and manage to communicate.
1200 – We depart for the Texas Panhandle, to position our
group for slim chance to see storms tomorrow.
1600 – stop at Albany, TX; we watch the last30 minutes of a local classic car competition
1630-1700 – we stroll around town and photos of its 1883 courthouse and other local attractions.
1730 – we stop at the Beehive Saloon for root beers and a dinner of standard Texas fare.
???? – we head west toward Lubbock.
???? – We stop to photograph the first of many wonderful
western sunsets
???? – We arrive at the Days Inn, Lubbock, TX

Travel: 331 miles

17 May 2011- Meanwhile, 300 miles away…

17 May 2011 – DRAFT

Low Risk, High Carb start for the day
Low Risk, High Carb start for the day

Greetings from Childress, home of the Texas-shaped waffle!
“Greetings from Childress, home of the Texas-shaped waffle!” (You can get Wyoming-shaped waffles ANYWHERE, Mike Bettes!)

(more TBD)


Our route for the day took us from Childress, Texas, across the Oklahoma panhandle, to southwest Kansas, ending at Liberal, Kansas:

Even though we didn’t see storms, the Weather Channel crew documents the day.  Here, Jim Cantore interviews Williaam Reid, our tour leader, about the events of day:

On the whole, the day was disappointing, as storms near Fort Morgan, Colorado did produce tornadoes.  These were too far from us for us to reach.  Until chase forecasts include the ability to foresee the future, the 2-target chase day will be a coin toss.

(more TBD)

Chase Logbook pp 20110516-01Chase Logbook pp 20110516-02,20110517-01

Chase Logbook pp 20110516-02,20110517-01