Casualties of Travel?

(excerpt from a letter to my fellow travelers)

Hi, Guys!

I just wanted to check in with all of you. I hope you enjoyed the trip. I will have my pix up on Flickr at by the end of the weekend.  (You’ll get an invite to Flickr group “CHASE2008-polarpal99” shortly for access).

For my part, this was a pretty expensive trip (vs. last year, which was comparatively painless). Casualties of travel include:

* Pentax ZX-5 SLR camera – jammed up … time to go all digital next year, I guess

* Acer laptop – Windows XP eating itself … time to back up and re-install (once I procure the install CD … it didn’t come with one, sadly). When I do re-install, I will probably lose access to GRlevel3 (but probably should register after using Alex’s key for the last year, right?)

* Novatel broadband modem – dead (but I had insurance, so a free replacement is coming).

* Vehicle damage – $1200 damage to sub-frame, gas tank and one of the boots.

At any rate, I hope we can vacation together again next year. I also hope you will understand my reluctance to travel the back roads when we have other options, too; this van situation has me pretty freaked out.


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