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When do you know it is unsafe to stay where you are?

The best time to reposition (but stay with a storm) is:
  1. When a known danger (tornado, large hail, flooding) is about to cut off one the your escape routes.  As soon a even one escape route is threatened, it is time to leave.  The same applies when one of these dangers can materialize too close for comfort (like when hail increases in size very suddenly, the sky color changed abruptly and without explanation, rotating clouds overhead, etc.). Instinct usually works well for these conditions.

  2. When danger is possible and you cannot assess whether or not you are in trouble, it is time to move where you can make such an assessment.

  3. Any time you get a 'gut feeling' that something is terribly 'out of place' or wrong, it is time to act on instinct and depart.  Better to have a false alarm than make a fatal mistake.
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