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How did you get started in storm chasing?

I was first interested in (and terrified by) severe weather when a neighboring town was struck by a strong tornado. This was the tornado that struck Belvidere, Illinois on April 21, 1967.  My younger brother had been hurt (playing, not by the storm) and when we took him to the hospital, we saw many victims of the tornado.  About a dozen people died and hundreds went to the hospital. None of us had ever seen anything quite like this disaster.

From that point on, I learned everything I could about weather. My terror evolved to fascination, almost like a moth drawn to the flame.

Only six months after the Belvidere tornado, my family left the Midwest. When I went to college, my interest was re-kindled; going to school in the northern Great Plains meant I got to watch many huge storms.  I've been hooked ever since.

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