[an error occurred while processing this directive]05 May 2003-- DAY 4: Can you say ArkLaTex? - Chase 2003
DAY #4: Can you say ArkLaTex?
05 May 2003
Denton, TX - Little Rock, AR

CHASE LOG 1000: We get the daily briefing.  Bill is visibly disappointed that we busted yesterday,  particularly given the KS/MO outbreak and devastating , long track tornadoes in Girard,KS and Kansas City.

1015: Blake backed the lead van into a truck in the parking lot, necessitating a delay while we identified the truck's owner. with the newly added LCD screen TV in 'Tempest 1 (T1)', the lead van, it's a wonder  the driver can see a thing

[T1 charges into The Jungles] 1124: We head east into a tornado watch area called by SPC. They graciously extend the HIGH RISK area into our immediate area. ("Can they feel our pain?"I say as I am wryly smiling)..

1159: Bill updates us on the discussion text: "The watch box is 70 N ESE Pine Bluff, AR- Karras, TX ... The 1620 SPC outlook, HIGH RISK is to R of line 45 NNE Lufkin ...an outbreak ... is expected ... " (translation: we are in the west end of the box in about 20 minutes, excellent for this time of day). Unfortunately, we are surrounded by trees, so visibility will be a problem for the rest of the day.

????: We pull off the side of the road on FM71, a few hundred yards north of I-30. We can see and hear the severe-warned storm charging at us from Wise County. The sky is overcast, by we are getting light rain and thunder. CG strikes are not yet visible, so we cannot estimate our distance to the storm.

1918: We are rolling to Little Rock, AR (!) after busting out west of Texarkana. The numbers look great, but the sky looks wrong and we are buried in the trees. We are taking a gamble that predictions for major activity in chaqseable areas of [northeast?] AR may pan out tomorrow.

2130?: As we checked in, a green minivan with Wisconsin plates SUPRCEL pulls in. It's a Blake's friend, Scott, and his chase partner..

ROUTE: (610 S. I-35E) Denton,TX > E. US 380 (Greenville,TX) >  I-35  > TX288 > US380E > GREENVILLE > US69S > LUNCH (BURGER KING), GAS > I-30E (1318)  > US259S > OMAHA,TX (PEE STOP) > US 259N > PAST I-30 > FM71 > STOP TO LOOK (20 MIN) > I-30E  > FM561E > TX8S  > MAUD > TX8S > FM77E > 2MI, U-TURN > FM77W  > U-TURN > FN77E > ATLANTA,TX > US59N > I-30E >TEXARKANA,TX/AR > I-30E >  LITTLE ROCK,AR (320 miles)

[Day 1 Forecast]
Off we go!
The 10-day forecast from the weather Channel is generally pretty accurate, but I only seem to trust the first two or three days.  Who knows, perhaps I'll live to see a day were we see a 30-day forecast in advance.  Wouldn't that be something?

[Day 1 Outlook]
Shortly after we left Denton, the SPC extended the HIGH RISK area into where we are. This is the good news.
[Day 1 Tornado] [Day 1 Hail]


[Surface CAPE]

[TOR probability]


BREAKFAST: Super 8 (Denton, TX) - Continental  breakfast
LUNCH: Burger King (Greenville, TX) - Burgers, what else!
SUPPER: La Quinta Inn (Little Rock,AR): - We arrived hours after every self-respecting tourist (except chaers) has eaten. The restaurant was open, but somewhat unprepared for 14 of us (TT group plus2 chasers from Wisconsin) to show up so late.  The service and food were slow, but my reuben was grilled to perfection. (2.5 stars)

MOTEL:  La Quinta Inn (Little Rock, AR)

Today marks the 1-year anniversary of the Happy, TX tornado I saw with TT last season.

STORM REPORTS for this day are at http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/030505_rpts.html.

The graphic is like this:
[Storm report map for 030505]

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