[an error occurred while processing this directive]04 May 2003 - Hoping for a Texas twister - Chase 2003
DAY #3: Boom or bust
04 May 2003
Altus, OK - Denton, TX

CHASE LOG 1000: Depart Altus, OK.
1030: I do not feel so alone regarding my technical problems. Around Vernon, TX (where we left US 283 for US 287 east to Wichita Falls), Bill and Martin had a running conversation about cell phone signal problems. Martin has a consistent 4-bar signal and Bill's phone is struggling to connect, showing a wavering 1- to 3-bar signal as we charge eastward.
1130: We look for a place to eat in Wichita Falls, but the place Martin picks already has a long wait. We move on.
1223: We continue SE through Jolly and Henrietta on US 287 from Wichita Falls, toward an area of moisture convergence that Martin sees on the net.

1316: We think about eating at The Center in Muenster, TX, but blow on by Martin when we see the parking lot is full. (Sorry, Martin: the sauerbraten will have to wait on a day like today). We are beginning to get into a Cu field we saw from 20 minutes north of here. Yellow boxes are going up north and east of here in KS/OK. We settle for Whataburgers in Gainesville.
1420: We move east, trying to keep ahead of developing tCu.
2hrs until sunset: We sat at US 377 & Navo  Rd. N. of Denton,  hoping for late cold advection aloft, but it never came.
"Bustola Cola" is the drink of the hour (but a margarita later will ease the pain).
2330: Zzzzzz


[Sunset @ 2003]


ROUTE: Altus > S. US 283 > E. US287 (Vernon,TX) > Gainesville > Sherman > W. US82 > Whitesboro > S. US377 > US377 & Navo Rd. (N. of Denton;stayed here 2 hrs) > US 377 & US380 > S. TX 288 > I-35E (Denton, TX)
[Day 3 Route Map]
Per the morning briefing, a large HIGH RISK area is over the hilly, heavily wooded areas of AR/MO called "The Jungles" in southern Plains chaser speak.. Luckily for us, the moderate risk area extended into north Texas, so that's what we'll play today.
As we rolled down the line toward Wichita Falls, Martin checked the SPC discussions and detailed models and found a 0-1km SRH values are running very high in our area.

MODELSNo model data captured, due to laptop problems. See other remarks.

BREAKFAST: Days Inn (Altus,OK) - "No stars" applies. We had a less-than-continental breakfast. The motel had two kiddy cereals, an assortment of junk food pastries. Juices and milk were stored in a small 'cube fridge' and when they ran out that was it. I didn't even risk the coffee. I hang onto the hope for a better lunch.

LUNCH: Whataburger (TX) - xxx

SUPPER: Texas Roadhouse (600 S. I-35 East(?), Denton, TX) -
I ordered the Beef K-Bob and a 46oz. peach margarita.

MOTEL: Super 8 (610 S. I-35 East, Denton, TX)

Leaving my laptop adapter at home by accident is turning out to be a nearly crippling mistake.  It looks like I will have to do most of my computing on the road and save the fully charged laptop for evening email/chase log transmits and morning model runs.

STORM REPORTS for this historic day are at http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/030504_rpts.html.

Here's the graphic:

[Storm Reports Map for 030504]

NOTE: Lots of people busted today, but some 'hit the big one':
[Missed Tornado]

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