[an error occurred while processing this directive]02 May 2003 - CHASE DAY #1: A positioning day - Chase 2003
DAY #1: A positioning day
02 May 2003
Oklahoma City, OK - Garden City, KS

1000: Bill gives our first briefing of the trip. There are two promising areas: the eastern plains of Colorado and a distant area near the [Dallas-Fort Worth] Metroplex. Bill opts for the high plains, as the Metroplex has both traffic and visibility problems, as well as puts us far away from tomorrow's predicted target zones.

[Dying Cell] 1430: We break for lunch. Our Peruvian friends marvel at the 72 oz. steak, prominently displayed at the restaurant entrance. I grab some postcards, my first souvenir of the trip. Afterwards, we push north on US287, moving towards Springfield, in the far southwest corner of Colorado.

2030 (CDT): We spot a dying tstorm to our west. In the time it takes to refuel, the storm disintegrates. What remains of it forms a beautiful Kelvin-Hemholtz wave (at left).

2230: We roll into Garden City, KS, only mildly disappointed that nothing has happened. Today was essentially a positioning day, and we hold out high hopes for tomorrow.

OKC (I-40W) > Amarillo > LUNCH > US287N > 2mi S Springfield CO > E > Garden City, KS
[Day 1 Route Map]

Computer down. I grabbed video still while Bill showed us models as part of the daily briefing.
(I'll add these once I find them again)


[Big Texan Restaurant (exterior)] -BREAKFAST: Ramada Inn Limited (OKC/Meridian): Continental breakfast at the motel: a Carbon -- the brand name, not cooking style-- waffle maker was the key gadget in the breakfast area. Otherwise, the breakfast was standard fare.
-LUNCH: Big Texan, Amarillo, TX:  This is home of the famed  "FREE 72OZ. STEAK"
(See one of their numerous billboards, at right!)
-DINNER: Burger King, Garden City, KS (west side of town): At 10pm, little else was open and we needed to stay near the motel. Everybody was tired (especially the TT staff), so we did carryout. Food was Ok, order was fast and correct. It's as good as Burger King gets!

MOTEL: Super 8 Motel, Garden City, KS: The shower and toilet were not fully functional, though the hot water 'came up' immediately. The desk lamp and multi-outlet adapter (used to charge cell phone, ham radio batteries, camcorder batteries) were marginally functional. However, the room was immaculately clean and comfortable.  I slept well (i.e., the room was quiet, lighting was under control, etc.). Overall, kudos to the cleaning crew, but 'points off' for the maintenance folks!

STORM REPORTS for the day are at http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/030502_rpts.html.

Here's the graphic:

{Storm Reports Map for 030502]
At least we didn't miss any tornadoes anywhere nearby!

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