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TRAVEL: Getting there is half the fun
01 May 2003
Bolingbrook, IL - Oklahoma City, OK

CHASE LOG No log today, just a flight to  Oklahoma City from Chicago.

was not checked. Plenty of time for that later!
were not checked. Plenty of time for that later!
MEALS were basically airport food, except for dinner.

DINNER: The whole group went up to Chile's, up the Meridian Avenue a short drive (or walk).  I was fortunate to share a table with chase legend Jim Leonard . Food was fine except for the kitchen's pathetic attempt to improvise on chipotle sauce for my tortilla chips. (Ack! -- It never would have happened in Texas!). The company was great, a nice beginning for a group that would live together for the next ten days.

MOTEL: Ramada Inn Limited, Meridian Av., Oklahoma City, OK: a cozy beginning!

STORM REPORTS for this day are at http://www.spc.noaa.gov/climo/reports/030501_rpts.html.

Here's the graphic:

[Storm reports map for 030501]

(Can't wait to get out there!)

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