BARS/ARES Spotter Training
15 April 2003
Bolingbrook, IL 

EVENT SUMMARY Although I already had basic training for the season, as a member of my local ham radio club . I feel the duty to be at the training to show support for my fellow members and for the national weather service people who generously give their time to put on these training sessions.  I was a little surprised to see that , though we were getting basic training the NWS folks were handing out advanced spotter training booklets. I have a great deal of admiration for the NWS people , particularly those kind enough to give spotter Training talks, and I never really get tired of seeing the same old faces.  Also, you can never see the Training films to often.  Every time I see the Training materials, I always see something new or another aspect of something that I looked at a dozen times before , that looked different to me this time.

not surprisingly, a number of people in the room had been to the advanced Training, usually offered by the du Page County emergency management office , but canceled this year due to homeland security putting an unusual demand on their people.

For better or worse , I think this year old training will pay off.  We are long overdue for major storms , large tornadoes, possibly even a large outbreak.  Some of the same into NWS staffers were at the talk offered at
Fermi Lab (which is been traditionally less technical the last few years , but was quite a bit more technical this time around).  In one very Lab presentation H. different measures of average frequency of occurrence of severe storm phenomenon were posted on the slide . it was pointed out that we were  overdue on all eight events.

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