- Saturday, 14 June 1997

Norman, OK - Wakita, OK - Fort Collins, CO


After collecting my car at the airport, I headed north from the city.  Scanning the map, I noticed the name WAKITA on the map. Just like in the movie Twister. "Naw! No way!" I muttered to myself. Casting denial aside, I detoured a short ways west of the interstate. The countryside sure looked like something from the movie. As I neared the turnoff to Wakita, I spied a sign: "Wakita: Home of the Twister Musuem".  Had I discovered a little gem off the beaten path?

WEATHER Bright blue skies, filled with widely scattered fair-weather cumulus. A rotten day to chase storms, but a great day for a long drive (about 750 miles, in this case).
OTHER It's a good thing I got a good night's sleep. I really needed all the energy I could store up.
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