- Friday, 13 June 1997

Oklahoma City, OK - Northeast Texas - Norman, OK 



OTHER I'm not a superstitious person, but deliberately putting oneself in the path of dangerous storms on Friday the 13th might REALLY be asking for trouble.  John, one of his chaser pals from OU, and I packed our stuff in the car and headed toward Wichita Falls, the day's likely target zone.  We were heartened by the fact that NSSL's full array of chase vehicles ("The Armada") lay ahead of us on I-35.  The Doppler-On-Wheels truck was unmistakable, even from two miles back!  As John passed by, the drivers and passengers acknowledged us with waves and nods of familiarity. For a split second I felt important, even though I was fully aware that John (and his chase partner) were the ones acknoledged, not I. No matter; I basked in the "glow" nonetheless...
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