- Wednesday, 04 June 1997

TRAVEL Hayes, KS - Oklahoma City, OK 

Continuing from Hays, KS (waypoint 18 on the map below), I drove to Salina, KS and turned south on I-135. Many miles of road construction and occasionally torrential rain made for a long, tense drive. 

 The climax of that tension occurred around mile marker 206 (in Northen Oklahoma), when I saw a flash of tan-gray fur in front of my left headlight. Pow! I struck an 3-foot long animal --- a fox, a dog, or the like? --- with such force that the driver's side portion of the car's fascia was totally sheared off the car. Upon inspecting the damage at a service station at exit 186 (near Perry, OK, waypoint 30 on the map below), I also found that a hollow 6-inch sphere had broken loose during the collision. The part appeared intact, so I wired it to the car using a coat hanger and drove onward. 

 I reached Oklahoma City proper around daybreak, and even had to cope with some early rush hour traffic. I finally stopped in Noble, OK around 0700 LT, where I filled the gas tank and wandered aimlessly for 30 minutes. I ran out of sights to see in Noble, so I drove to the OU campus, and bought a meteorology textbook at the campus bookstore when it opened. 

After reaching John Finch, my tour guide, by phone, I found out that he (fortunately) had not spent any money on a room for the night for me. I drove to airport, parked my car, took a cab to the airport Econo Lodge, and took a seven-hour nap. I ate dinner then settled in for the evening. 


ACOMMODATIONS Econo Lodge, 820 MacArthur Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK
WEATHER TODAY was partly cloudy and warm. Although some large cumulus were building to the south and east, no storms appeared to be forming. Eastern New Mexico had some late severe storm warnings, but only in a small area. 

TOMORROW'S FORECAST does not indicate a significant risk of severe weather activity in the target area. We will be looking at prediction tools and probably touring NSSL, SPC, and the OU Meteorology Department. 

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