INTERIM UPDATE – 23 May2016 a.m.


Tornado to our west. We (blue circle) are just east of the velocity couplet (red/yellow pair)

After several days of hunting, we caught a storm with a tornado. I took it as a good omen when we crossed paths with the TWIRL Project armada in North Platte. (photos coming here soon). We alos bumped into Reed Timmer while we were parked during the tornado.

I could not see it with the naked eye, and I was shooting with my GoPro cameras (neither of which has a viewing screen, to save on battery life).  My Canon video camera has a ‘stuck’ zoom control, so it is basically useless for the rest of this trip, unless I get time and resources to repair it somehow. (Not likely I’ll have either).

I think at least one GoPro captured the nearby lightning strikes that froze everybody in their tracks.  I’ll know once I copy the video to my external hard drive for review.


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