12May2016 – P.M. Edition

All the bags are packed, and all but one of them are in the van, as I need some things out of that bag in the morning.

Here is a look at the evening checklist:

All things are in good order except I cannot find my sunglasses. So, big deal! I will buy a new pair. I have probably just missed placed them somewhere around the house. Nothing to worry about.
I am trying to get a good nights sleep, as I have an early start on my workday. 

It also looks like I might see some storms sometime tomorrow if I can get an early start from work (around noon, let’s say).

Depending upon what the models project in the morning, I may be taking off from Chicago, passing through Western Illinois, and shooting across the top tier of Missouri on US 36, perhaps sending up someplace like Kansas City or Wichita for the evening. 

I will refine my target for the day based on my departure time and the expected time storms will go up.

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