25 April 2012 – DAY 5 – Fizzle, Fizzle, f’shizzle


  • 0300 – night bathroom run! Gotta avoid caffeine with dinner.
  • 0400 – neighbors making noise So I can’t sleep! Transcribed yesterday’s paper chase log to this blog. Pure hell to enter WordPress entries via Safari!! (I discovered the WordPress app afterwards. This will be easier/saner going forward.)
  • 0900 – Laundry run
  • 1030 – return to hotel ; pack van
  • 1035 – weather briefing: we have a chance for storms that might produce small hail and some lightning in the plains of Eastern Colorado.
  • 1130 – lunch at Kim Lin Chinese Buffet
  • 1230 – Depart La Junta, CO northbound
  • 1315 – stop 2 miles south of Arlington, CO to photograph an old storm shelter
  • 1327 – Arlington, CO – stop at rest area and photograph an outhouse. Yes, it’s a SLOW DAY!
  • 1341 – N on CO59(?); arrive at Eads, CO to watch the sky, data updates, and toss a Frisbee around.
  • 1530 – leave Eads on US287N, heading to an area where storm development has started.
  • 1607 – turn onto northbound CO59
  • 1625 – stop at I-70 for fuel, washroom visits and snacks; continue north to US36W
  • 1707 – pass Cope, CO
  • 1715 – turn north toward Otis,CO
  • 1740 – dinner at Mom’s Restaurant in Otis
  • 1830 – stop west of Otis. Our target storm has fizzled, having run out of moisture.
  • 1900 – return to Otis; after Bill gets us hotel rooms in Yuma, we head to US34E and on to Yuma. On the way, illustrates how super cells look on radar, using a radar image of a southeast moving storm entering Illinois from near Keokuk, IA
  • 1920 – arrive at the Nelson Inn in Yuma. Bill announces we meet at the van at 9 a.m. (MDT) due to a heavy travel day. Tomorrow appears to be our ‘big day’ for our excursion. Updated this blog
  • 2130 – lights out