01 May 2012 – The Way Home

  • 0700 – wake, shower
  • 0730 – breakfast
  • 0830 – depart Altus, OK; go S to US287
  • ???? – turn onto TX114 for DFW Airport
  • 1230 – say farewells
  • 1600 – leave Dallas on UA3451 for Chicago (ORD) – plane delayed 42 minutes
  • 1915 – Arrive in Chicago
  • 2100 – (approximate) arrive at home, safe and sound

CASUALTIES OF TRAVEL: One pair of leather shoes (sole split) and a dead notebook (hopefully just an ‘old battery’ issue)

TRAVEL – 20 April 2012

  • 0300 – Rise and shine
  • 0330 – Off to the airport, thanks to help from my friend and neighbor, Stuart.
  • 0400 – Change my 9pm flight to a 7 am flight. Now I’ll have time to explore Arlington, Dallas, and the rest of the civilized world of Texas.
  • 0700 – Flight delayed 30 minutes, due to weather (How ironic!)
  • 1000 – Arrive in Dallas. Grab my bags, get a rental car, go to the hotel.
  • 1200 – Lunch at Mariano’s, home of the first frozen margarita machine. Its owner Mariano Martinez has been honored by the Smithsonian Museum for his invention, an adaptation of a common Slurpee machine into the mainstay margarita factory of restaurants across the nation.  Mariano is credited with doing more to sell tequila-based drinks than anyone else on the planet.
  • 1430 – Check in. Take a nap
  • 1800– Wake up.  I apparently have been battling acid reflux (a by-product of pigging out at Mariano’s).  I feel like my meal returned to visit the back of my throat for several hours as I napped.  No wonder all those painting of guys taking a siesta show them leaning against a building versus laying down. Oy! Lesson learned!Also, it looks like the others have not arrived yet (or are not interested in getting together for dinner).  Such is life!
  • 2145 – After venturing out to Fry’s Electronics and a visit to the Sonic drive-in  (for a banana milk shake to soothe the savage stomach). I’m turning in for the night.  I’m not very optimistic about our chances for sever weather for the next view days.  I wonder how we’ll pass the time.