CHASE 2003

SEASONAL TRAINING: To better appreciate the processes going on in storms and to stay safe, I take classroom training each year
19 Feb 2003 Wednesday Bolingbrook IL Plainfield IL Basic Spotter Training
14 Mar 2003 Friday Bolingbrook IL Elkhart IN (Training tomorrow)
15 Mar 2003 Saturday Elkhart IN Bolingbrook IL IMO Advanced Spotter Training
15 April 2003 Tuesday Bolingbrook IL Bolingbrook IL 1.0 BARS/ARES Spotter Training

[Flag-USA] [Flag-Peru]
[Flag-Netherlands] [Flag-Brazil]
TEMPEST TOURS (commercial tour) 10 days – 4642(est.) chase miles, 12 people

  1. Lead vehicle (8): LEAD: Bill Reid (Westlake Village, CA;KG6FWX),
    CO-LEAD: Blake Naftel (Kalamazoo, MI;KC8VPG); “Camilo” (Netherlands/Brazil),
    Kris (Netherlands), Amalia & Jaime (Peru), David (NC), Joe (Nashua, NH)
  2. Tail vehicle (4): LEAD: Keith Brown (Crandon, NJ; KC5DOJ)
    Lisa Beal (Bolingbrook, IL;KC9BST), Lisa M. (Chicago, IL), Laurie (Erie, PA).
  3. ALSO:
    Part-time lead vehicle: Martin Lisius [days 2-3,8] (Arlington,TX;KC5TQI
    Sedan: ?() [days 1-2
    PT Cruiser: Kinney Adams (Milwaukee, WI;KB9QQM) and Bob Pejovich ()
    Mini-van (WI/SUPRCEL):
    [days 4-5] Scott Weberpal (Janesville, WI:KB9CBK?), Josh (CT) (and Meso Monkey!)
    Big Red Truck: Brian Morganti (Bernville,PA; KB3HOA)
26 Apr 2003 Saturday Bolingbrook IL PROLOGUE #1
30 Apr 2003 Tuesday Bolingbrook IL PROLOGUE #2: Ready to Rumble!
01 May 2003 Wednesday Bolingbrook IL Oklahoma City OK (fly) TRAVEL: Getting there is half the fun
02 May 2003 Friday Oklahoma City OK Garden City KS 540 DAY #1: A positioning day
03 May 2003 Saturday Garden City KS Altus OK 320 DAY #2: To cap, or not
04 May 2003 Sunday Altus OK Denton TX 350 DAY #3: Hoping for a Texas twister
Kansas City and Girard, KS clobbered!
05 May 2003 Monday Denton TX Little Rock AR 320 DAY #4: Can you say ArkLaTex?
Outbreak moves to Missouri and east
06 May 2003 Tuesday Little Rock AR Springfield MO 667 DAY #5: To the Land of Aahs (Kansas)
07 May 2003 Wednesday Springfield MO Chanute KS 177 DAY #6: Bungle in the Jungle
08 May 2003 Thursday Chanute KS Pittsburg KS 398 DAY #7: Two for the Price of One
09 May 2003 Friday Pittsburg KS Oklahoma City OK 470 DAY #8: Another Promising Day
10 May 2003 Saturday Oklahoma City OK Macon MO 700 est DAY #9: Up Close and Personal
11 May 2003 Sunday Macon MO Oklahoma City OK 700 est DAY #10:The Long Drive Back
12 May 2003 Monday Oklahoma City OK Bolingbrook IL (fly) Travel Day
13 May 2003 Tuesday Bolingbrook IL Epilogue
SPECIAL THANKS to Laurie for help with tracking our daily mileage.
30 May 2003 Friday Bolingbrook IL What a day! Too bad I was still AT WORK during these local tornadic storms. Read the Chicago NWS offices’ summary to see what happened!

Plan was to not chase GRAY
Planned Chase Day (future) YELLOW
Available to chase; no weather (“blue-skied”) BLUE
Chase Day (have partner and stormy weather) GREEN
No-Partner Day (Weather stormy, no partner) RED
Weather Stormy, but not available for chasing PURPLE
BUST DAY – tornadoes where we looked!
Training Day
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