Sunday, 31 May 2009 – Raw Travel Notes

23MAY09 – OKC – Hays, KS (Positiion for tomorrow)

1400C – dpt – Wingate Inn, OKC
—-C – via I-35 to OK-KS line
—-C – through Wichita, KS (I-35/I-135)
—-C – via Salina, KS
—-C – end – Hays, KS – dinner: Whiskey Inn

24MAY09 – Hays, KS – via storm – Fort Morgan, CO

1000C – load vans; Wx briefing
—-C – dpt – Hays, KS
1627C – lv Pine Bluffs, WY
1635C – stop for cloud base
—-C – stop at Scottsbluff, NE
end – Fort Morgan, CO

note: FRED freq=457+ MHz (FRED is the radio transmitter on the rear of a freight train)

25MAY09 Fort Morgan, CO – via storms – Shamrock, TX

0910M – dpt Ft Morgan, CO
—– – N on I-76
—– – S on CO SR71 (“last gas for 75 miles”)
—– – S on US287 – Eads, CO to OK line
—– – via Lautz,TX
—– – E on FM1573 twd McKibben,TX
—– – via US 83 thru Canadian, TX (storm to SE)
—– – FM277 twd Allison
—– – back N to canadian
—– – S to Shamrock, TX
—– – END: Shamrock Inn, Shamrock, TX

26MAY09 Shamrock, TX – via storms – Abilene, TX

1000C – briefing
1030C – fuel stop, dpt Shamrock, TX
1129C – S on FM1642
1152C – “Bridge of Doom” – photo stop, bee swarm
1254C – Quanah, TX
—-C – US287 to Vernon, TX
1409C – dpt Vernon, TX
1510C – fuel stop – dpt (5 mi W of Wichita Falls)
1600C – US 287 at Bowie, TX
—– – Stop at Chico. park.
1740C – S on FM51 (Weatherford,TX)
1800C – Pea-sized hail
1821C – FM51 to I-20 east
1834C – Quick stop (I-20 @ Aledo exit) then back 2 exits
1940C – I-20 west
2300C – END: Abilene, TX

27MAY09: Abilene-Del Rio TX

(need to transcribe my annotated paper map)

28MAY09: Del Rio, TX – Junction, TX

1000C – load vans
1030C – briefing – dpt DRT Days Inn
1055C – S on US277 – WalMart run (re-supply) – 30 min
1150C – detour to DRT border crossing – photo opp
1255C – lunch (Hot Pit BBQ) – dpt N on US 277
—-C – Border patrol inspection – detained while 2 UK tourists locate passports
—-C – stop @ I-10 – go crazy snapping wildlife/flora photos and blowing bubbles
—-C – ar Junction, TX (the winds and heavy rain arrive shortly after we do)

29MAY09: Junction, TX – Chickasaw (“CHICK-a-shay”), OK

1030C – load vans; WX briefing
—-C – dpt Junction, TX
—-C – detour to Mt. Scott – photo opp. at sunset
—-C – ar Chickcasaw, OK

30MAY09: Chickasaw, OK – OKC – rtn home

—-C: dpt Chickasaw, OK
—-C: ar Wingate Inn, OKC – unload and say goodbyes
—-C: rtn rental vans
—-C: wash T1 van
—-C: get lunch while oil is changed for T1 van
—-C: ar OKC (Will Rogers Intl. Airport) – say final goodbyes
—-C: change to earlier, direct flight
1700C: dpt OKC
1900C: Ar Chicago (IL) O’Hare Intl. Airport
1930C: eat dinner with my ride, John N.
2300C: sleep in my own bed for the first time in 8 days

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