20210510 – Oklahoma City – Del Rio, TX – Borderland Thunderbumper (DRAFT)

Start – Oklahoma City,OK
End – Del Rio, TX
Distance– 669 miles (664mi captured on GPS track)
DRAFT – map and more photos to be added soon

07:00 – Wake up call; packed my gear; morning chores

07:30: Light breakfast with a couple of my fellow travelers

08:15: Pack my gear in the #2 Tempest van

08:30: Morning briefing : We are heading to South Texas, as it is the only area with a slight risk of storms.

09:00: Depart Oklahoma City on I 44, possibly the bumpiest the interstate in the country

10:41- Enter Texas, crossing the Red River. It is obviously a drought year as much of the riverbed is visible.

11:01 – Depart Wichita Falls on US277S.

13:01: Around Anson, TX, follow US 83, Passing by Abilene and many smaller town.

15:59: Anvil Time! South of Junction, TX (and I-10), we choose our first storm for the day. We are in rugged territory south of interstate 10. The road network here is very sparse, so we have to choose carefully. The cost of a mistake is missing a storm and ending up several hours travel from the next one.

1850: Decision Point! First storm fizzles, so choose our second storm of the day. Daylight is running out, but there is still atmospheric energy to fuel a good storm.

20:40: We briefly see a conical lowering that could be a funnel. Our storm gets tornado warning, probably for this feature which might be interpreted as a developing Tornado.

21:10: We arrive at the La Quinta motel in Del Rio, TX. We grab our gear and pack it in for the night


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