20190515 – Norton, Kansas to McCook, Nebraska

Here we woke

We started our day at Norton, Kansas, a little place in northwest Kansas, less than an hour from Nebraska and Colorado. Our breakfast was one of those mid-range continental breakfasts: fresh made waffles, cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit, juice, and coffee.


We made a brief pit stop at Atwood, Kansas, for to the famed “It’ll Do” motel and this memorial tank.

We went westward into Colorado, stopping at The Grainery (in Idalia, Colorado)  for lunch. Some members of the chase team had been here before (for a celebratory steak after catching a photogenic tornado at Prospect Valley).

After lunch we continued west to Joes, Colorado at a rustic little prairie walk and roadside playground.

As we walked around and relaxed, we saw some cumulus towers go up, so we headed east then north. Picking a couple of target storms as we went. One even surprised us by going severe-warned briefly.

The best looking storm of the bunch did not last long and became outflow-dominant. This produced spectacular wave of blowing outflow dust. We braved the dusty, gritty breezes to grab  a few photos.

My favorite shot of the day was a view of fellow  traveler, Graham Clowes, dwarfed by the dusty thunderstorm that pursued us across southwest Nebraska.

Once darkness set in, we wrapped up our chase day and headed to McCook, Nebraska for the night.

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