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CHASE2016 Summary

18 days

6000+ miles






Most interesting drive: Pinto Canyon,TX, for its wide range of altitude, punishing curves, and narrow passages. We were lucky we did not mEDT another vehicle along the way.


12 tornadoes: Friend,KS (5/22); Woodward,OK (5/23); 9+ at Dodge City,KS (5/24); 90-minute EF4 near Chapman,KS (5/25)


Photos/Video: close to 1 TB – gobs of editing needed

INTERIM UPDATE – 23 May2016 a.m.


Tornado to our west. We (blue circle) are just east of the velocity couplet (red/yellow pair)

After several days of hunting, we caught a storm with a tornado. I took it as a good omen when we crossed paths with the TWIRL Project armada in North Platte. (photos coming here soon). We alos bumped into Reed Timmer while we were parked during the tornado.

I could not see it with the naked eye, and I was shooting with my GoPro cameras (neither of which has a viewing screen, to save on battery life).  My Canon video camera has a ‘stuck’ zoom control, so it is basically useless for the rest of this trip, unless I get time and resources to repair it somehow. (Not likely I’ll have either).

I think at least one GoPro captured the nearby lightning strikes that froze everybody in their tracks.  I’ll know once I copy the video to my external hard drive for review.


INTERIM UPDATE – 22 May 2016 a.m.

19 May 2016 – A positioning day. We move north, in preparation for the weekend’s storms. We stop at the Guadalupe Peak overlook, Carlsbad,NM, and Roswell,NM. Many aliens seen.

(photos to be added later)

We end at Raton,NM, just south of the Colorado-New Mexico border.

20 May 2016 – We continue north on a second positioning day. We end up in Limon,CO, after a photo stop at an abandoned house, one of Bill Reid’s favorite activities on a down day.

21 May 2016 – Win e had a difficult choice: western Kansas, where storms would fire early and likely be a messy, disorganized cluster OR go for a later show near Chugwater, WY.
We chose the latter and busted bigtime. Such is life.

22 May 2016 – We will likely be in central Nebraska, only a short distance from our hotel.

More later. 7 minutes to pack, load the vans, and start our daily briefing.

12May2016 – P.M. Edition

All the bags are packed, and all but one of them are in the van, as I need some things out of that bag in the morning.

Here is a look at the evening checklist:

All things are in good order except I cannot find my sunglasses. So, big deal! I will buy a new pair. I have probably just missed placed them somewhere around the house. Nothing to worry about.
I am trying to get a good nights sleep, as I have an early start on my workday. 

It also looks like I might see some storms sometime tomorrow if I can get an early start from work (around noon, let’s say).

Depending upon what the models project in the morning, I may be taking off from Chicago, passing through Western Illinois, and shooting across the top tier of Missouri on US 36, perhaps sending up someplace like Kansas City or Wichita for the evening. 

I will refine my target for the day based on my departure time and the expected time storms will go up.

Day 6: 14May2015 – Northward, Ho!

[My apologies: these are very rough notes, but I will refine them later. Enjoy!]


0900 – briefing

We will be positioning far to the north, in preparation for an active day in Nebraska on Friday:


Machine generated alternative text: Sprint •e  09:37  86%


Machine generated alternative text: Day 2 Risk  SLIGHT  MARGINAL  Sprint  09:11  96%  2: SLGT  HIGH  May 14, 2015 0600 UTC Day 2 Convective Outlook  Updated: Thu May 14 05:58:05 UTC 2015 (O, |  Probabilistic to Categorical Outlook Conversion Table  Categorical Graphic  SPC DAV 2 CATEGORICAL OUTLOOK  ISSUED:  VALID: tsn200z-16na:nz  FORECASTER. DIAL  Outlook  Area mi.)  49,736  166,508  Area Pop.  473,733  4616813  Some Larger Population Centers in Risk Area  Grand Island, NE...Kearney, NE...North Platte,  NE...Hastings, NE...Columbus, NE...  Omaha, NE...Wichita, KS...Linc01n, NE...Lubbock,  TX...Amarillo, TX...  —n—Oklåh6hG'CiiibK...Kansas City, MO... Isa, o es  SPC DAV 2 PROBABILISTIC OUTLOOK  ISSUED: cS58Z  VALID: Isn200z-16nzoz  FORECASTER: DIAL  NOAA/NI•VS Prediction Center. Norman. Oklahoma  Moines, IA...Overland Park, KS..  Probabilistic Graphic  Total Severe Probability Legend (in S):  Probability of severe weather within 25 miles of a point.  Hatched Area: 10% or greater probability of significant severe within 25 miles of a point.




0945 – dot hotel

1000CDT –  depart Love’s in south Lubbock

1015CDT – depart
Walgreen store in downtown Lubbock on I-27 N (where we picked up AB’s Rx)

____ – at


13:37CDT – depart
China Buffet, Dumas, TX

____-  Depart Stripes c-store in Iraan, TX

14:28CDT – enter OK

–  enter CO (Time zone change)


17:18CDT –


Machine generated alternative text: Sprint  Stop  Altitude  3592 ft  Waypoint  sland  3G  16:46  .. . w 315.......N..  2950  COIumbus-  00:00 /mi  ETA  14748 hr 52 m  540.50 mi 186.90  Time  Distance  Giassli  —Amarill  318.77 mi  IkÅk'syA»s  OKLAH  GPS: i- 16 ft Alt: 13 ft  38.117405, -102.604171  GPS Data  Map  Waypoints  Tracks  Settings

16:46MDT – we move
north toward Lamar


Machine generated alternative text: e...o Sprint  Stop  Altitude  3581 ft  Waypoint  16:54  .....45........É.  .135...  850  540.49 mi 187.10  800/0  63.8 mph  ETA  13 hr 14m  Time  Distance  320.38 mi  'L6gal  GPS Data  Map  GPS: 33 ft Alt: 20 ft  38.114554, -102.576009  Waypoints  Tracks  Settings


1655MDT – E from


Machine generated alternative text: Cheyenne Wells  eld  Sharon Springs  Tribune  ich  'Daniel Shav  cJohnson  FM01ton  Leoti  heal nv  Hugoion  Scott City  eßarden  Haskell  Sublet  Sewa-



1732MDT- at Holly,CO


Machine generated alternative text: Goodland, KS  KGLD  10  17:35 MDT 5/14/15  Tribune  Johnson City  Manter  Last Updated: 17:42  Composite Reflectivity  Sheridan Lake  Hartman  Granada  Buttes  VCP: 212 Precip Mode

_____ – enter  KS


Machine generated alternative text: Goodland, KS  KGLD  10  17:51 MDT 5/14/15  Hartman  anada  Holly  VCP: 212 Precip Mode  Coolidge  Syocuse  Johnson Cit  Last Updated: 17:56  Composite Reflectivity

______ – S from


(insert Nikon
photos, GoPro video here)

___ – extended sky
stop to observe tiered supercell to our west

20:02MDT – stop at
Love’s c-store in Syracuse, KS