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Blog Migration continues

CHASE2008 through CHASE2010 are now completely converted from the old Moveable Type (MT)  blog to a WordPress (WP) based blog.  The only part of the MT remaining is CHASE2006.Web pages for CHASE1997 to CHASE2003 have also been migrated. This took about 8 hours of laborious cut-n-paste between the MT and WP blog systems (which can and do run concurrently.

Next, the old web pages for CHASE2004-2007 need to be migrated.

Then, finally, the missing photos and videos need to be attached to the new WP blog pages. It will be great to finish this and back everything up.

26 April 2007 – CHASE2008 blog area set up

Yesterday (25 April), Chicagoland had its first big spring storm event. Penny and nickel sized hail peppered a few neighboring towns, but Bolingbrook only had a good lightning show and a few brief downpours. Nothing to write home about. (Oh, drat! I just did, didn’t I?)

I can’t wait to get out the the Great Plains this year. I plan on doing 3 weeks altogether.

In the meantime, I probably should spend some time updating my much-negleced web site, post some photos from past chases, some video snippets, and update my online chase ‘toolbox.

Ciao fer now!